Traveling is a best way to experience new culture, new countries making new friends.
For me, travel is where i step out of my comfort zone. I need to activate my survival skills: Navigate my surrounding, find out new location, the way to go, get lost, and find a way back to my accommodation.
Either traveling by plane, bus or train, I still generate carbon footprint. Hence, I always want to reduce my impact by support eco-conscious local business.
So let’s first understand what is a Carbon Footprint ! 
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What is Carbon Footprint ?

A Carbon Footprint is defined as the total emissions caused by an individual, event, organization, or product, expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent.

Which means whenever you do something, even your habit in your morning routine, the total amount of greenhouse gases and specifically carbon dioxide being emitted into the environment is called your Carbon Footprint

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Tips and awesome place to minimize you carbon footprint !

Either traveling by plane, bus or train, I still generate carbon footprint. Hence, I always want to reduce my impact by support eco-conscious local business.
So I would like to recommend some tools that help you to minimize your carbon foot prints, some of my favorite go to place where my friends visit. – List of Eco-conscious restaurant in HCMC. 

Have you ever wonder is there any website that contain all the information about sustainable, eco-friendly, organic place to visit in HCMC ?
Cocolist definitely a place for you. With a minimalism design, it won’t take you so much time to discover this website. Anytime you need to find a restaurant and coffee to hanging out or going on a date, consider Cocolist as your must list. Included many section that would related to your interest, such as green delivery, food waste program, no plastic straw,…
At the main site of Cocolist you could see there are many type of categories you could choose when it comes to eco-friendly places you want to visit.
After you find your interested place to visit, Cocolist will provided useful information you might need to consider, such as google map, social media link, their feature, ect.

AYA Cups – Reusable Cup Network

A wonderful initiative to eliminate plastic waste in take-out and delivery drinks, this network help you to minimize your cost and effort when forgot your BYO – Bring your own. Their solution would help you easily save the environment just by cups. 
Easily deposit a little amount then take your cups everywhere you go, then if you want to return the cup and get the deposit back, go to any store nearby that partnership with AYA they will do the process for you.

Currently, you can find AYA at Thao Dien, they are running a trial with more than 10 stores in that area. Try this amazing network now cause the more AYA cups are being used the more single plastic cups are eliminated.

Marou Chocolate

If you visited Vietnam without having a taste of Vietnamese Chocolate brand then it would be pity. Take a look at Marou website you can see it unique appearance through the design, not only do they stand out because of their looks but also the incredible texture and taste of its chocolate.
Whenever you consider what gift should you bring back to your home country choose Marou.
Take a closer look at their product at Marou Maison : 167-169, Calmette, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

VCR – Vietnam Coffee Republic

Enjoyed your time at VCR would be the best experience you’d ever have. This coffee brand located in D1 and D2 with friendly staffs, incredible decoration, and unique coffee taste.
You can not find the same cup of coffee everywhere in Vietnam that smell and taste just like you try in VCR. All of the ingredients are being selected with careful and love, which make a wonderful drinks and experience for the customer when visit the store.

Here are some address you could consider to visit : 

  1. VCR – The Roastery – 7/1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Nghe Ward, D1, Sai Gon
  2. VCR – Thao Dien House – No. 9, 4th street (số 9, đường số 4 – Làng Báo Chí), Thao Dien, D2, Saigon

  3. VCR – The Bar & Showroom – 8A/6D2 Thai Van Lung, D1, Saigon

Use bicycles – Scooter has so much emission

We all know that Vietnam famous for its scooter, motorbike, which you can easily hire one and enjoy the street with local style. But every minutes you spend on a scooter, a quite amount of gas fuel gonna release into the environment.
Take a bicycles and be different, you can also experience Vietnamese culture by using this kind of transportation. Hire a bicycle cost you just a quarter of the amount you hire a scooter. Save your traveling cost, save the environment.

Refill Water –

” Why buy plastic bottle when you can refill yours ? ” – Refill My Bottle is a startup that have initiative in saving the environment by reduce single plastic waste. “RefillMyBottle is an online map that identifies all the places – be it a cafe, resort, museum or shop – where refill-ers could walk in and fill up their bottle with clean drinkable water for free or a minimum fee.”
Refills are now available at over 1,600 locations across Southeast Asia and other countries. Let’s check them out at their website to join the community of those incredible people.

All the information above was base on my perspective and experience, so there might be some more facts you would like to explore more at their site or social media before take a closer look at them.

Hope you find it useful ! Be both eco-wise and eco-traveler ! 

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