Have you noticed that the trend of saving the environment, using green and eco friendly products is the most meaningful and rewarding one ever? I have been to so many coffee shop in town and realized that they have caught up with it and replaced all plastic straw out of their store.
This is such a good news for us. And I know that you guys must very curious of how was those replacement, and did I have any great experienced about it. So let’s take a look at my latest experience 

Metal straws

Once I saw this straw, the first thing came up to my mind was how it would smell like – some of you must have know the smell of iron which was so distrurb

But actually nothing happen, the drinks still taste good and even better thanks to the metal straw my drinks get a little bit colder. You can get one of this metal straw when you buy a full packed of cups and straw which is available at any big brand and market. Although it may look convenience but when it come to washing you need to have special tool, so there is another cost to have.

Source : peper.ph

Grass straws 

This one is my favorite, easy to use, light weighted, you would barely spot the different since the price and design was similar to plastic one, but much eco-friendly and affordable. 

You can take a look at ” Ong Hut Co – a Vietnam-based company that makes two kinds of straws out of sedge grass, which grows wild along the Mekong Delta, The Epoch Times reported

Sources : Zero Waste Vietnam
Sources : Ong Hut Co

Grass straws are edible (Ống Hút Cỏ says chewing them after meals can actually help clean your teeth and gums), compostable, free of chemicals and preservatives, and affordable. The fresh straws cost about 2.6 cents each, and the dried cost about 4.3 cents each, according to VnExpress International.

Glass straws

You’re probably saw this before, cause I think this one is the most common reusable one so far. It have so many shape and color, which make this straw become the most eye-catching one.

Not only do they help pretty up the beverage but for the obvious reason of reducing plastic straws. And yes everything has its downside, with glass straw you need to consider not to let children use it often since it’s breakable, and also glass straw will need a special tools to clean it inside out.

Use this glass straw cleaner to clean out those hard-to-reach smoothie remains inside of your glass straw, so that you can keep reusing that glass straw of yours, and continue to help reduce waste in our landfills. Sources : Food Alive
You can also customize your own Glass Straw

Want to add some deco to your Bubble Tea/Boba Glass Straw?, Well here are some option for you! Take a look at DrinkingStraw.Glass you can get any customize detail you want. 

Silicon straws

Though silicon straw haven’t well known in Vietnam but I hope that I will joined the community soon enough cause this thing are SO CONVENIENT for adults, kids and toddlers due to their non teeth chipping silicone construction. Soft to bite down on, yet extremely durable. These silicon straws don’t get hot when hot drinks or cold with smoothies (unlike stainless steel metal straws).

They often have many colors and full packed with special tool for washing. They are all available on Amazon where it can be ship to every nations including Vietnam. Sources : Amazon.com 

Rice straws

At the beginning of environmental protecting trendy in F&B industries, you must have seen Rice Straw before. It’s help eliminate a great amount of plastic straw at that time and raise awareness of using eco-friendly product in packaging for our community. And it also EDIBLE !

But after a while, its feedback was not so good, cause it would turn soft and not maintain it shape when you left it in the water for more than 20′.

Color of these straws are made from rice, vegetables such as beetroot, carrot, sesame,… These drinking straws are eco-friendly, good for health, no chemical, no preservatives and nothing added. Sources : Alibaba.com

NO STRAWS at all !!!

Though this solution could be hard for us to catch up with, since there was some specific type of drinks we must have straw to drinks with. But we can refuse to use straw when it comes to coffee, juice, smoothies or tea maybe. With this mindset you might slowly eliminate the idea of using straw for any drinks. It’s all about your mindset and habits that turn you to better self.  

Skip The Straw from Ocean Conservancy Org
No Straw November from Jr Ocean Guardians

According to Life without plastic blog : ” Providing a plastic straw with a drink is automatic in many restaurants and bars. For those straws that are actually used, it’s likely just for minutes. Then most are thrown directly in the garbage (a very small proportion are recycled). They end up in a landfill, or worse, as waste that “leaks” out into the broader environment of urban and rural landscapes and waterways. ” 

Please reconsider when someone offer you a plastic straw when you have more than one options which we have recommend and give feedback about them above. It’s ok to say no. And especially when it’s come to environment.

Be your own hero and spread the words !

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