Would the Saigonese “spend more for all natural, healthier”​ food?

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If you are restaurant owners and manager, F&B manager, you might wonder if you would add more healthy dishes to your menu, which means increasing costs and price? Or to increase healthier options in your grocery stores?

In a consumer survey conducted by Nielsen, Gallup, Cimego, there are all figures to encourage you to do so. It pointed out:

  • Middle classes in Vietnam group is stated to grow by 88% between 2010-2020.
  • 66% of Vietnamese consumers want all-natural products
  • 74% of Vietnamese consumers read nutrition products more carefully.

I would interpret these figures as Vietnamese consumers care more about their health. We are more educated and do more researches on food and grocery before purchasing. Besides, the number of the households has income over $500 per month doubled in 2017 and more people are in the middle class. That means consumers are able to willing to pay “hefty” price tags for healthier food.

At the same time, your branding also need to align with the changes. Plenty of healthy salad stations, poke restaurants, green detox smoothies, healthy meal plan subscription services contain their food in single used plastic or Styrofoam take away boxes, wrapped by several plastic bags. Many clients might find that confusing as their damaging packaging are not aligned their brand messages!

A positive example of a Swedish deli chain “Wayne’s coffee. With delicious and heath conscientious menu, Wayne’s commits to all-nature, eco packaging as much as they can. Significantly, in many stores in Europe, Waney’s use grass base Besides, they source their wastes, compost organic waste and reduce energy consumption at their stores. That has helped Waney’s to differentiate their brand in this competitive market. Their strategy is paying off: Dominate Scandinavian countries since 1994 with over 100 stores in Europe, Saudi Arabia and quickly expanding in China and SEA. Remarkably, (at least i find so), there is a newly open Wanye’s in Vietcombank tower complex in District 10. Another one soon will soon be open in Bitexco. Its promising that the chain will set a high bar example to other “big player” coffee chains to look up . In a very competitive coffee culture market as in Vietnam, I believe Waney’s will stand out of the crowd with its unique proposition.

Personally, I am very content with these facts. A healthier population is a healthier nation. Go Vietnam! I have been self learnt about nutrition and become much more active and healthier.

What about you? As a consumer could you pay more for healthier food? As a business owner or manager, would you add healthier options to your current business?

Green Domino provides eco solutions for restaurants, hotels and events. 98% of our products are bio-compostable and environmental friendly! We hope to assist you in the transition to this healthier long lasting trend.

P/S: Thanks to #iAMHCMC for publishing this great survey. To download this publish, please click here or visit their website https://www.citypassguide.com/en/content/products/iamhcmc-gazette/

PS: Another mind blowing fact – Do you know the urban density of Ho Chi Minh City is higher than Tokyo now?

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