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This is the beginning of an infinite story:

We chose the name AYA because in the Vietnamese alphabet, “A” is the first letter and “Y” is the last letter.

Therefore, A-Y-A is symbolic of a first-last-first cycle representative of 1 product with many lives.




Our goal to eliminate 1 million plastic cups by the end of 2019 and educate the world about Vietnam as an innovative country in solving the single-use plastic issue that is affecting the entire planet.

To learn more about AYA and our mission to decrease plastic waste, check out our blog.

Join us in saving the planet – 1 cup at a time! 

Progressive &
collaboration mindset

Bottom up equal opportunity organization


Open Source Innovation

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

At Aya, we are passionate about solving socio-environmental issues with technology, empathy and grace. 

We strive to embed eco-socially responsible DNA in each and every AYAn through continuous education and open source innovation for compounding impact.

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Linh Le

Problem Solver

Jennie Stone

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We are looking for a super woman/man!
Like our project? Please drop us a line at: linh@ayacup.com

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Action speak louder and we are so glad to help our clients to save costs, make their brand shines on the hands of thousands of attendees. 

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