Frequent Questions

1 How does it work?

AYA lend out reusable cups to make your take-out zero waste.

To start, you need to place a deposit for each AYA cup through our app (register at – no download needed) or at any partner belong to AYA’s network. For your drink take-out orders, you can borrow AYA cups, enjoy your drinks and return the cups at any location within our network. 


2. What do  AYA lend out?

We lend out AYA cups only. The lids are for sale for as low as 10.000 vnd.


3. Can I keep AYA cup?

Project AYA encourages everyone to reuse and return AYA cups as much as possible. The more cups are returned, the more single-use plastic and paper cups are diverted from the landfill. 


We understand that you have a busy life with many priorities. So if you keep AYA cups more than 21 days, we will send you an email notification. 15 days after, if none of your cups are returned, we will need to mark the un-returned cups as lost. Your deposit balance will be deducted and your deposit will not be refunded.

4. Where can I give AYA cup back? 

You can give AYA cup back at any AYA’s partner during their working-hours. Please check them out at our web-app: In the future, we’ll be adding additional public return points to make using the AYA service even more convenient.


5. How do I top up my balance?

There are 2 options. Please login to our webapp for the best practice. 

  • Online bank transfer to AYA’s bank account. Step by step instructions are available at our web-app: 

  • In store: You can deposit by cash at AYA’s participants. Please operate the deposit through our app so we can send the relevant records


6. How do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit for each AYA cup will be saved (safe and sound) in your account so any time you borrow or return, your balance will be recorded and adjusted accordingly. We hope this will make your transactions effortless.

If you decide to stop using AYA cup services, click “I want refund”. Our customer services will reply within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). Please note that we can only refund for AYA cups that are returned. 


7. What do I do with  AYA cups when I’ve finished my drink?

Please, don’t throw it away!

You can return AYA cups to any participating café at your convenience, so your deposit balance will be reverted.  In the future, we’ll be adding additional public return points to make using the AYA service even more convenient.

8. Do I have to wash the AYA Cup before returning it?

You don’t need to.  We would however appreciate it if you could rinse it out before returning. 

9. Can I check out more than one AYA Cup at a time?

Yes. You can check out as many cups as you have in your balance.

10. What happens if an AYA Cup is damaged?

If you borrow AYA cups from one of AYA partners and notice they are damaged (cracked, broken),  you can request for other ones.

The same rules applied. If you damage AYA cups, our partners are not obligated to take them from you.


About AYA cups:

1. What material do the cups made from?

AYA cups are made of Bamboo fiber and melanines. 


2. Are AYA cups microwavable?

No. Please don’t put AYA cups into microwave. 


3. How long do AYA cups last?

AYA cups can be last over 1000 times if used correctly.


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