For Events, music festivals, marathons, Stadiums

Profit from Reusable cups

while go green

AYA CUPS helped Epizode 2019
the biggest music festival in South East Asia eliminated 300.000 single use plastic cups

AYA cup attendee process borrow deposit reusable return eco cups

With the Smallest carbon Foot print

Cut the Rubbish

Proud to be born in Vietnam with International standards

(1) Size: 330 ml 

(2) Made from Cassava Starch (A drought root from the highland of Vietnam)

(3) Customization upon request

BONUS: Every time an AYA cup reused, we save 70gr CO2

Made in Vietnam

We Solve Real Problems

what you gain are:

Brand Exposure

Proudly put your brand out there! Your logo will be on a reusable product in the hands of everyone, showing you care about the environment. Say goodbye to having your brand associated with single-use plastics

Revenue stream

We use a deposit system to ensure reusables have a monetary value for attendees. This ensures the cost of the product is neutral and can ultimately create a new revenue stream.

Waste Reduction

By using reusables you don’t just make a positive impact on the planet, you also reduce post-event cleaning expenses and waste charges. Waste can be reduced by up to 80%.

Unique experience

Our reusable products are designed for the ultimate customer experience. By going reusable, you create a waste-free environment and a great experience.

Simple Logistic

We bring cleaned cups and pick up the dirty one so you save time to do more important things.

Lowest Carbon Foot Print

Locally made = smallest carbon footprint. Every time your attendee re-use AYA cup, you save 70gr of CO2.

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Linh Le

Problem solver

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