single use cup plastic in Vietnam

The problems with personal reusable cups

AYA helps you not to feel stupid when forgeting your cups
AYA helps you not giving up good habit
AYA helps not not to feel guilty when disposing plastic waste

We understand too well the
pains of wanting to do good things but
no good solution out there

Let's solve this problem with a system!

AYA dung nhu the nao

1/ Reusable AYA cup available at many coffe shops, bubble teas and smoothies in Sai Gon

2/ You borrow a reusable cup in your take-away drink at shop A

3/ Once you done drinking, you can return at other shop (shop B)

Never a cup again!

Reusable cups meet your needs

AYA cup from cassava starch


Managing Direcor - Schoolab Vietnam
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It's a challenge that AYA cup is facing. The team is extremely hard working to make awareness about plastic pollution. Most interestingly, they are building exciting experience for members. I'm very confident that this project will success
Hao Tran
Hao Tran
CEO - Vietcetera Media
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Gret innitiative to solve plastic waste in F&B. My clients are surprise, my event has much plastic wate now. My staff are happier and more engaged because they are part of the plastic free event movement
Mili Smoothies
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Thanks for your efforts! We are very please to generate much less single-use packaging and my clients are keep coming back to us!
John Spiller
John Spiller
CEO - The IDN Asia
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As a leader in our company, I would want my staff improve in various aspects. By using AYA cups on a daily basis, they remind themselves about keeping Vietnam cleaner. That really helps to build the culture in our company.

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